5 Ways to Avoid SASSA R370 SRD Payment Delays

SASSA has faced numerous challenges in the past which have led to delays in the disbursement of the SRD R370 payments.

Understanding these factors can help you grapple with uncertainties surrounding your much-needed financial support from the SRD Grant.

So today, I want to show you the high-level details of why your R370 SRD grant payments are delayed and how you can fix them.

Let’s get started.

Incorrect or Outdated Information

One primary cause of SRD payment delays is incorrect or outdated banking details within SASSA’s system.

In a country with a significant unbanked population, and where banking details can change due to socio-economic factors, keeping this information accurate and current is a logistical challenge.

You are urged to double-check and regularly verify your application banking details to facilitate the timely processing SRD R370 grant payments.

Status Change

SASSA might have picked up some changes in your circumstances, so they decided to hold your payments, although they might have paid you in full last month.

In this case, you might want to understand why your status changed and correct it via the appeal process.

Check your status below to confirm everything still in order.

Appeal in Progress

You might have appealed to fix your SRD grant application, and SASSA is still processing your newly updated information.

You will have to wait a bit until the appeal process is complete, and if approved, your new payment date will be set and the missed approved months to be paid in full.

Your Grant Might Be Compromised

It’s not new, reports are indicating more and more grants are being hacked, where the scammers change the original applicant’s contact and banking details.

If you suspect any fraudulent activity on your grant, report it immediately to SASSA to investigate and assist in resolving your SRD application.

System Glitches

SASSA grant beneficiaries have learned the hard way in the past when their payments couldn’t be disbursed due to system glitches.

When this happens, it can cause delays in your SRD payments, so you must just keep updated with SASSA news, to know exactly what’s happening in that month.


The SRD grants benefits millions of unemployed South Africans.

While most grant disbursements run smoothly, there are occasional situations that may cause a delay in receiving your payment.

However, there are ways to avoid SRD 350 grant delays, although they don’t apply to all situations, we hope one will assist you get the grant money on time.