10 Student CV Personal Summary Examples

Your personal summary or profile is your first CV impression to the potential employer, so having a compelling and most persuasive one can boost your chances of being shortlisted.

Below, we list the top 10 personal summary examples you can use to spice up your current student resume or CV.

These person profiles or profile summary examples must be adapted or customized to fit specific experiences, skills, or goals.

Let’s dive right in.

How to Structure Your Personal Summary

Writing a personal profile can be very challenging because you’ll summarize the entire resume or CV in just a few words.

Keep it short and to the point, only include the significant information relating to the role you wish to apply for.

Offer employers a view of your skillset and experience for the role, by doing that, you’ll be in a better position to be shortlisted, pass the ATS systems, and be considered for further steps in the hiring process.

Top 10 CV Summary Examples for Students

1. Computer Science Student

Detail-oriented Computer Science student with a solid foundation in Java and Python programming. I’ve completed a successful internship at XYZ Tech, developing a mobile app that increased user engagement by 20%. Seeking a software development role to apply my coding and problem-solving skills.

2. Business Administration Student

Business student with a focus on strategic management and entrepreneurship. I’ve demonstrated leadership as the president of the university’s business club. I’m very eager to apply classroom concepts in a real-world business setting.

3. Environmental Science Student

Passionate about sustainable solutions and environmental conservation. Completed research on urban agriculture techniques and presented findings at a national conference. I’m looking for opportunities in environmental consultancy or research.

4. Liberal Arts Student

A multi-disciplinary scholar with strong writing, research, and analytical skills. I’ve published an article in the university journal and led a campus-wide debate series. I’m more interested in editorial or content creation roles.

5. Engineering Student

Mechanical Engineering major with hands-on experience in CAD software and 3D printing. I’ve worked on a team project to design a cost-effective and energy-efficient vehicle. I’m currently pursuing opportunities in product design and manufacturing.

6. Nursing Student

Compassionate nursing student skilled in patient care and medical terminology. I have completed clinical rotations in pediatrics and geriatrics. I aim to secure a nursing position in a dynamic healthcare setting.

7. Finance Student

Finance major with proficiency in financial modeling and data analysis. I managed a student-led investment fund, achieving a 10% return on investment. I’m currently seeking roles in investment banking or financial consultancy.

8. Graphic Design Student

Creative graphic designer proficient in Adobe Suite. I designed marketing materials for a local non-profit, boosting their fundraising campaign by 25%. I’m eager to work in a design agency or in-house design team.

9. Education Major

Aspiring educator with a passion for fostering academic growth and personal development in students. I completed student teaching in a diverse urban classroom. I’m currently seeking a position as an elementary school teacher.

10. International Relations Student

A global-minded scholar with a focus on Middle Eastern studies. Fluent in Arabic and spent a semester studying abroad in Jordan. I’m interested in roles in diplomacy, NGOs, or international business.

Entry Level CV Template

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