Approved New Z83 Form Download & How to Properly Fill It, Step by Step

Whenever you apply for Government jobs, you need to download and fill in the new Z83 application form which should be accompanied by your comprehensive CV.

Download our free CV templates for a professional and easy-to-read layout that’ll increase your chances of getting called for an interview.

If working for the government is your dream then your first step is to download this free z83 form or collect a free copy from any government department.

Government departments use z83 forms to help HR personnel select a perfect and more suitable candidate for an advertised post.

Download the z83 form and start applying for government positions.

Summary of What to Do

To help you stand a good chance of getting a government job, here are a few pointers on how to successfully complete the z83 form.

  1. Always ensure that you fill in the correct reference number as the one on the job advert. This will help the government allocate your form application with the respective HR department for the advertised position,
  2. Ensure that you fill in correct, accurate, neat, and legible information. It’s always advisable to double-check your form after you complete it – first impressions last longer.
  3. Be sure to fill in all sections of the z83 form.
  4. Always read the instructions carefully and attach the required documents.

Completing the Z83 form correctly helps the HR personnel process your application fairly and you stand a good chance of being invited for an interview.

How to Complete the Z83 form

Follow these simple steps to complete your Z83 application form.

Section A: The Advertised Post

Make sure to include the accurate reference number of the advertised post for each job application to prevent being disqualified.

Explicitly mention your availability or the notice period required before you can start, for example, “2 Weeks.” If you are ready to begin work right away, please specify “IMMEDIATELY” in the final section of the application.

Section B: Personal Information

To complete this form, please fill in the required personal details including your last name, given names, birth date, and your ID number (if you are a South African citizen) or your passport number (for non-South African nationals).

In the section asking about race, please indicate your response by placing an ‘X’ in the appropriate box. For questions that require a Yes/No answer, mark an ‘X’ in the box corresponding to your answer. Ensure all other requested information is provided as instructed.

Privacy Protection

  • The information you provide remains strictly confidential. Your personal details must correspond with the details in your ID or passport.
  • This information is required to enable the department to comply with the Employment Equity Act, 1998.
  • This information will only be taken into account if it directly relates to the requirements of the position.
  • The Executive Authority shall consider the criminal record (s) against the nature of the job functions in line with internal information security and disciplinary code.
  • The applicant may submit additional information separately where the space provided is not sufficient.
  • Departments must accept certified documents that accompany the application(s) with certification that is up to 6 months unless the advert prescribes a longer period.

Perks for Working in Government

Working in any government offers various benefits similar to private companies but more.

You’ll get a competitive salary based on industry standards, qualifications, and most importantly, experience.

Job security – once in government, you can be sure to retire in government because they rarely downsize employees.

You’ll have membership of the South African Government Employees Medical Scheme(GEMS) and Government Employees Pension Fund(GEPF).

You’ll get a housing allowance by the Government Employee Housing Scheme (GEHS)