Nasi Ispani Place Thousands of Job Seekers in Soweto

We witnessed thousands of job seekers being granted with appointments to work in the Nasi Ispani recruiting program.

Earlier in the month, Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi announced they received millions of applications for the jobs listed under the Nasi Ispani campaign.

Today, thousands of successful and qualified candidates lined up at the Orlando Stadium in Soweto to receive their employment appointment letters.

The government is trying to reduce youth unemployment by creating these job opportunities via the Nasi Ispani project. So far, they have employed over 12,000 people to serve as crime prevention wardens and waste management.

This opportunity will give young people work experience and monthly income in permanent roles. The province aims to create more than 80,000 job opportunities to combat unemployment in the country.

They’re currently recruiting for the “Pothole Patching/Grass Cutting/EPWP Pointsmen” role. A lot of roads are under maintenance, and a lot have been placed to work through the project.

Visit to view available open vacancies and apply for Nasi Ispani online.