Nasi Ispani Online Application 2024 – Step by Step Guide

Have you ever wondered how you would apply for Nasi Ispani opportunities if you’re not yet residing in Gauteng?

Nasi Ispani is an employment recruitment initiative by the Gauteng government to combat high youth employment in the province.

If you have a family in Gauteng and wish to be considered for the Nasi Ispani jobs, this article will attempt to assist you make an online application.

Let’s get started.

What to Do Before Applying for Nasi Ispani Online

Making any job application online or offline, you will need supporting documents to submit for the advertised post.

Carefully read the requirements of the advertised post on the Nasi Ispani job portal and gather all the required documents beforehand, so that, when you go through the online application, you can easily upload as needed.

These documents might include:

Then look out for the job’s closing date. Sometimes, the Nasi Ispani shows closed positions, meaning you’ll be wasting your time, if you apply for the closed advertised job post.

Lastly, keep the reference or copy of your application safe, in case you want to follow up on the status, you can quickly give Nasi Ispani’s job application reference number.

With all that covered, now you’re ready to register for Nasi Ispani online, using their job portal.

How to Submit Job Application Online

Follow these simple steps to make your Nasi Ispani Online Application in 2024.

Visit the official Nasi Ispani jobs portal at the Gauteng Provincial Government’s website (

Nasi Ispani Online Job Portal

Scroll down to the latest jobs section or search for jobs you’re looking for using the big search box on the top blue section.

When you find the job that interests you, click on the view more link to read more details about the advertised job post on the Nasi Ispani portal.

On the details page, carefully read the requirements for the job, how much it pays, and who to enquire with, at the bottom of the post, you’ll find the blue ‘Apply now’ button that’ll begin your Nasi Ispani online application process.

You’ll land on the login screen, for those who’re already registered, in your instance, please click on the “Don’t have account? Create New” link to get started.

Enter all the required personal and account information, and submit to create the Nasi Ispani profile. If all is successful, you’ll be automatically logged in after registering an account on the job portal.

Once logged in, you’ll be required to complete your study information, such as the matric details (name, grade, completion year, province, and student number) or tertiary and work details if applicable.

The system will assist you complete the Z83 application form online, which is a compulsory job application form for any government-advertised vacancies.

Complete all the sections of the Z83 form and you’ll be good to apply for any vacancy advertised on the Nasi Ispani online portal.

Depending on the job you’ll be interested in, you must upload all the supporting documents for your job application to be considered.

Check Nasi Ispani’s Job Status

Once you submit a job application online, it’ll be listed for you under the profile management section of the Nasi Ispani portal.

You must log in to Nasi Ispani with the details you’ve supplied during the registration, and then access your “application history”, see the screenshot below:

Nasi Ispani Applicant History

There, you’ll get the status of your applications, and whether you’re shortlisted for any opportunities.