Lost Your Matric Certificate? Don’t PANIC! Here’s How To Get A Replacement

Did you know that if you’ve lost or damaged your matric certificate, you can still recover it by applying for a replacement from the Department of Education (DoE)?

We know how this document can be misplaced after passing your matric.

You can do this online or at your local education district offices. We recommend applying for your matric certificate replacement online, it’s more convenient and saves you time.

Without wasting your time, let me show you what’s needed.

What You’ll Need to Apply for a Replacement

An affidavit: You’ll need to submit an affidavit, a legal document from the police station making a written statement under oath. Write the truth in this document about what happened to your matric certificate.

Identity document (ID): You’ll need to submit a certified copy of your ID book or smart card.

Proof of payment – You’ll be charged an admin fee for the application of your matric certificate replacement. It’ll only cost you R137.00 for the entire process but you must collect the document yourself.

How to Apply Online Using Umalusi Portal

Follow these steps to apply for your matric replacement online:

  • Visit the official Umalusi Certificate Replacement System
  • Enter your details to register an account
  • Once done, login to the portal and create a request for a replacement
  • Next, select the type of certificate to replace
  • Submit the required documents, including the affidavit
  • Then, choose the certificate delivery method (delivery or collection)
  • Submit your application and get a confirmation.

How Long Does It Take?

Unfortunately, your certificate replacement cannot be issued on the same day of the application.

Umalusi requires at least 1 to 6 weeks to process your application and verify all the provided information.

If your certificate was issued before 1992, you’ll have to visit the DoE in your district to apply for a replacement in person.