How To Get A Job After Learnership Progamme

A quick answer is YES, completing a learnership can significantly enhance your chances of getting a job at the hosting company or institution.

Learnerships are designed specifically to prepare individuals such as yourself, for the workforce by providing them with relevant knowledge, practical skills, and work experience needed in their chosen industry.

Here’s how a learnership can help you secure employment:

Industry-Relevant Skills

Learnerships focus on equipping participants with the skills that are in demand within specific sectors and aligned specifically with what you have studied.

By the end of the program, you will have gained both theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are directly applicable to the job roles available in your chosen field’s market.

Work Experience

One of the key benefits of a learnership is the on-the-job training component.

This experience not only allows you to apply what you’ve learned in a real-world working environment but also demonstrates to potential employers that you have practical experience.

Some employers often prefer candidates who have some level of work experience because it reduces the need for initial training and adjustment.

Networking Opportunities

During your learnership, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and work alongside professionals in your industry. These connections can be invaluable as you look for job opportunities. Networking with the right people can often lead to job referrals and insider information about upcoming vacancies.


Upon successful completion of a learnership, participants typically receive a qualification that is recognized nationally. This certification can significantly boost your resume and show potential employers that you have met the standards required in your profession.

Improved Employability

Employers recognize the value of learnerships and are aware that candidates who have completed these programs have been trained to industry standards.

This can make you a more attractive candidate compared to those who have not undergone such specialized training.

In fact, you’ll have a practical work experience on your resume/CV, that’ll help get you calls for interviews and more considerations for most advertised job posts.

Potential for Employment with the Hosting Company

Often, companies that offer learnerships may retain standout learners as full-time employees after the completion of the program. If you prove your value during the learnership, there is a possibility of being offered a job with the company where you trained.

In conclusion, while a learnership does not guarantee a job, it certainly improves your employability and positions you strongly for employment opportunities. It’s important to fully engage with all aspects of the learnership, build your network, and leverage the experience and qualifications you gain to enhance your career prospects.