EPWP Vacancies – Unlocking Opportunities Through Employment Initiatives in South Africa

South Africa’s Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) is a vital initiative that aims to provide temporary work opportunities to the unemployed and underprivileged sectors of the population.

If you’re looking for EPWP vacancies, then this article serves as a detailed guide that covers essential information from what these positions entail, to the application process, eligibility criteria, job categories available, and salary expectations.

So let’s get started.

What are EPWP Vacancies in South Africa?

EPWP vacancies are temporary jobs created by the South African government across various sectors to help alleviate unemployment, which is rather high in the country, by providing income and skills development.

The programme is designed to contribute to the community’s welfare while offering work experience that enhances the employability of participants.

These vacancies are commonly found in fields like public works and infrastructure, environmental conservation, social programs, and cultural initiatives.

And yes I know, you might have been led to believe EPWP only offers jobs on the streets, with orange worker-overalls, but no, you can get a job that meets your qualifications.

In fact, in the past 5 years, EPWP’s goal has been to alleviate unemployment for a minimum of 1 million people in South Africa (at least 55% women, 40% youth, and 2% disabled) every year.

Check out this report for the 5-year EPWP business plan, which outlines stats under each sector they offer job opportunities.

How to Apply for EPWP Vacancies: Online or Offline

To apply for EPWP vacancies, you can either follow an online or offline process, depending on the specific requirements of the local municipalities or departments.

Online Application:

The advertised post will clearly indicate which form to visit online, to complete your EPWP jobs application online.

  1. Visit the Official EPWP Portal: Candidates need to check the official website of the EPWP or their local municipality for available vacancies. You can also find available EPWP jobs on the Nasi Ispani jobs portal, which you can apply online.
  2. Register and Submit Application: Fill out the necessary forms and submit your application online, along with required documents such as your ID, CV, and educational qualifications.

Offline Application:

  1. Local Municipal Offices: Visit your nearest municipal office for information on current vacancies.
  2. Submit Required Documents: Provide copies of your ID, CV, and educational certificates along with a completed Z83 jobs application form available at the office.

EPWP Vacancies Sectors

EPWP offers a variety of job categories depending on current projects and the specific needs of various communities.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Infrastructure Projects: Road maintenance, water conservation, and construction.
  • Non-State Sector Environment: Waste management, firefighting, and park maintenance.
  • Social Initiatives: Home-based care, early childhood development, and community health work. The Social sector is led by the Department of Social Development and one of its programmes is Early Childhood Development (ECD).
  • Cultural Projects: Arts and crafts promotion, cultural heritage preservation.

There are also a number of sub-Programmes you can apply for, such as Working on Fire, School Support Programme, National Youth Services , and many more.

Who Qualifies for the EPWP Jobs?

EPWP jobs are primarily aimed at individuals who are:

  • Unemployed and currently not studying.
  • Between the ages of 18 and 35 years, although some programs are available to those outside this age range.
  • Residents of South Africa with a valid South African ID. The program specifically targets women, youth, and people with disabilities to promote equal-opportunity employment.

What is the Duration of the Employment?

The duration of the EPWP employment depends on the duration of the project and according to the EPWP basic conditions of employment as guided by the Ministerial Determination.

The Labour Relations Amendment Act of 2014 also provides further guidance on employment conditions and duration (see section 198) EPWP work opportunities are short to medium-term. 

However, in most cases, individuals are employed for at least 6 to 12 months under the EPWP programmes, creating relief for many with no means of income in South Africa.

Salaries and Compensation

Salaries for EPWP vacancies vary depending on the job category and duration of the contract.

Generally, the wages are determined based on the minimum wage or a stipulated wage rate that complies with national standards. The current national minimum wage is R27.58 per hour, but if you’re employed under the EPWP programmes, you’ll earn R15.16 per ordinary hour

These payments are intended to provide financial relief during the employment period and are not comparable to permanent employment salaries but are competitive within the framework of temporary government employment programs.


EPWP vacancies offer a critical lifeline for many South Africans, providing not only employment but also valuable work experience and skills development opportunities.

By understanding how to navigate the application process, eligibility, and available job categories, hopeful applicants can take full advantage of this initiative to better their lives and contribute positively to their communities.

For those interested in EPWP jobs, it is essential to stay informed about open vacancies and updates through the official EPWP website or local municipal offices.

This proactive approach can open doors to numerous opportunities, aiding in personal growth and community development.