Best & Most Trusted Job Boards in South Africa

Job boards are a great way to search for work in your field of study and interest, quickly connect with potential employers, and subscribe to future job listings.

The trick is finding the most trusted and reputable online job search websites. But we have curated the list below for the most used job boards/portals in South Africa today.

Let’s get started.

What is a Job Board?

Job boards are websites or online platforms that provide a centralized location for job seekers to search and apply for vacancies across various industries and sectors.

They act as an intermediary between job seekers and employers, helping to match qualified candidates with available job openings.

Job boards typically allow job seekers to create a profile and upload their resume or CV to make it easier for potential employers to find and contact them directly.

They also offer a range of job search tools and resources to help job seekers refine their search criteria and identify relevant job opportunities.

Employers and recruiters, on the other hand, use job boards to advertise their job vacancies and attract qualified candidates. They can post job descriptions, requirements, and other relevant details about the job post, as well as review and screen applications.

Some job boards are general, covering a wide range of industries and job types, while others are more specialized, focusing on specific industries or job categories. Job boards may be free or charge a fee for employers to post job listings or for job seekers to access certain features or resources.

Overall, job boards can be a valuable resource for job seekers who want to explore a wide range of job opportunities and connect with potential employers. They can help save time and effort by providing a centralized location for job search activities and making it easier to apply for multiple jobs at once.

Features of Job Boards

Job boards will open more opportunities for your skillsets and fast tack your job hunting if used as part of your strategies to look for work.

Here are some key features and functions of job boards:

  • Job Listings: Employers use job boards to advertise their job openings, providing details such as job titles, descriptions, requirements, and application instructions. You’ll find a wide range of full-time, part-time, temporary, and freelance positions within your sector or industry.
  • Search and Filters: While viewing the latest listings on the job board, you’ll get the opportunity to search and filter down relevant jobs based on your skillsets and needs. You can search jobs by location, industry, experience level, and job type.
  • Application Submissions: Using the jobs to look for work, you’ll be able to send your applications directly to the employer, online. You can then submit your resumes, cover letters, and other required documents directly to employers.
  • Resume/CV Hosting: Many job boards will allow you to create/write new and store existing resumes or CVs on the platform. You can then apply for multiple positions without having to upload the CV each time. It also enables employers to search for and find qualified candidates based on their uploaded resumes.
  • Job Alerts: Job boards let job seekers like yourself subscribe to customized alerts that match your search criteria. So whenever an employer post a new job, you’ll get a push notification and stay updated with the latest opportunities.

Top 10 Job Boards in South Africa

With all the features job boards provide, here are the top job search websites in South Africa that cover various categories of work:

  1. Indeed (
  2. CareerJunction (
  3. PNet (
  4. LinkedIn Jobs (
  5. Career24 (
  6. Jobvine (
  7. Bizcommunity Jobs (
  8. Careers24 (
  9. Free Recruit (
  10. Job Mail (

Remember that these job boards are subject to change, and it’s always a good idea to explore multiple platforms and resources to maximize your job search efforts.

LinkedIn Jobs

This for me, is the number 1 job board for all industries in South Africa and the world. It works well for job seekers and is cheaper for employers than using a recruiter.

LinkedIn is often considered more than just a traditional job board. While it does offer job listings and allows employers to post job openings, it goes beyond the basic functionalities of a job board.

In fact, lately, we were looking for a web developer and inquired with specialist recruiters but unfortunately, could go ahead because of their heavy fees. Instead, we went with the LInkedIn job listings on promotion and found potential candidates in 24 hours tops.

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that enables individuals to create professional profiles, connect with other professionals, and engage in industry-specific discussions.

Key features that distinguish LinkedIn from a typical job board:

  • Professional Networking: LinkedIn emphasizes building professional connections and networking. You’ll connect with colleagues, industry professionals, recruiters, and potential employers in your industry.
  • Personal Branding: Consider this the best resume you’ll ever create. LinkedIn allows you to create detailed professional profiles that showcase top skills, work experience, education, recommendations, and more. It serves as an online portfolio, highlighting your expertise and professional achievements.
  • Recruiter Tools: LinkedIn offers specialized tools for recruiters and employers to identify and connect with potential candidates. These tools allow recruiters to search and easily find candidates like yourself based on specific criteria to engage with them directly.