May 2024 Approved SASSA SRD Grant Payment Dates

It’s that exciting week when SASSA rolls out and disburses the SRD grant payments.

If your SASSA R370 SRD Grant is approved with a payment date, you could just wait for the specified date to collect the money.

SASSA SRD grant payments are disbursed between this week of the 25th and 31st of May 2024.

If you’re still not sure whether your SASSA SRD Grant is approved, check your application status below.

How to Know My SRD Grant Payment Dates

First, you need to check this month’s grant application status by entering your details below to retrieve the status and payment dates.

By completing this form online, you are confirming that you have read and understood our terms and conditions.

From the outcome, you’ll get your grant application ID, current status, and expected personalized payment date.

Once your payment has been processed from SASSA, it might take about 2-3 working days to reflect your bank account.

Always ensure your details such as your banking account are corrected for your SRD grant application, since SASSA reconsiders them every month, to avoid you having to reapply monthly.

How Much Does SASSA SRD Grant Pay This Month?

This month, the SASSA Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant pays R370 per month, going forward until the extended period for March 2025.

This follows a recent increase announcement by the finance minister from the previous amount of R350.

The increase could have been due to changes in government budgets and social welfare policies. If more funds are allocated to social security in the budget, the SRD grant may be increased more in the future.

Understand Your Declined Statuses

The mission is for SASSA to provide the Social Relief of Distress grant to assist unemployed individuals in severe financial need.

However, applications for this grant can be declined for several reasons, including:

  1. Alternative Income Sources: If SASS finds you have income from any other source, including employment or receiving other types of social grants, your application for the SRD grant will be declined.
  2. Incomplete or Incorrect Information: Applications with incomplete details, incorrect personal information, or errors in the application form can lead to rejection.
  3. Identification Issues: Problems with verifying an applicant’s identity, such as mismatched identity documents or invalid ID numbers, can result in a declined application.
  4. Failure to Meet Eligibility Criteria: The SRD grant is meant for individuals who are in dire financial distress. If the assessment determines that the applicant does not meet the specific criteria of financial distress, the application may be declined.
  5. Residency Requirements: Non-South African citizens without proper legal residency status or those failing to meet specific residency requirements are generally ineligible.

These reasons are common, but each applicant’s circumstances are considered individually, and other factors may also contribute to a declined application.